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Age of Han Dynasty a Fantasy online game were you can experience the ancient Chinese, Islam and European civilizations. The player is to have an experience of ultimately free world with setting up not fixed, organically changed world and this all completely for free.

The online game Age of Han Dynasty targets the unceasingly active world other than the existing online games which the has built the entrenched world. In the Silk Road which seems to be static, the hostility and secret strife in which various groups continuously engage for the benefit of their own groups inform the Silk Road world with new life.

With the help of our amazing community, we have been able to develop dozens of original features and balance our gameplay to provide an unique experience.

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[Active] Crash Test Mangyang - 2018

In this event, Mangyangs are the first pick,    Adventurers are summoned to test damage they can inflict. Let berserkers rage and record the critical.     Come join the Crash Test Mangyang, strike and be archiv…
17.01.2019 || Read More

Screenshot of the Month - December

We just finished the review of the screenshots submitted to our website during the last month. It was really a hard decision to choose just only one screenshot from all the awesome screenshots you made. Below you can see the screenshot whic…
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[Active] "What do you LIKE & DISLIKE" event.

[Event Information] We are interested to know what do you like and dislike most about the game. According your feed backs we may redesign some parts of the game to improve the game play. In exchange of your feedback, we will reward you with…
28.12.2018 || Read More

[Completed] Transform into a Monster! Guild Mission! - 2018

Hello, Adventurers! Aside from the usual guild leveling, we are giving special challenge to the guilds! Here comes the challenge, ‘Transform into a Monster! Guild Mission!’ Please refer to the following details.[Event Procedure…
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New Year Special - 25% Bonus ShangBe

Yep - it's that time again, New Year! This year is no different, we continue to bring specials and discounts to our existing customers, not only our new customers.   This year we will be giving you a 25% Bonus to any ShangBe charg…
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[Permanent] Capture The Flag Plus Event

We are giving away a pet with character creation but, after the first 30 days period most of our players can't afford to revive their pets. This event is just for these players and for the beginners to get some Liang selling the event items…
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Account Security Guidelines

Recently there have been many users who have requested for reparation of damages caused by account hacking. There are many external issues which compromise account security such as use of illegal programs, phishing sites, account tra…
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Free to Play

Brought to you by dedicated professional staff, Age of Han Dynasty is a full-fledged feature rich game and completely free to play. There will never be any in game benefit for a player who makes payments. We welcome all types of players to experience the Ancient Silk Road as it was during the Age of Han Dynasty.

Growing Rapidly

With our dedicated marketing team specialized on Google AdWords and Facebook ad and high advertisement budgets, we are one of the fastest growing games in the industry.

We are unique, we are stable and we are huge! What are you waiting for? This is your home!


Experience: Dynamic
Max Level: 90
Party Bonus: +7%
Launch Date: 05.11.2018 23.59
Main Town: Hotan Kingdom
Client Version: 1.169
Fortress Time: Saturday 20.00 GMT+3
Server Location: Germany | Dusseldorf


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  • Second for PvP - Age of Han DynastyiMWIZ
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  • Third for PvP - Age of Han DynastyMoonAngel
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